Twitter Tactics for Hotels to grow their Following


Are you connecting with the right people? Do you want to build a quality Twitter following? Are You Follow-Worthy and would you follow yourself on Twitter?

Several times a week I get followed by people or organisations and sometimes I have no clue why they are following me. Generally, if I do not follow back they (ought to) unfollow me within a few days. Twitter thrives on the relationship and yet many hotels struggle to gain a following and end up abandoning their profiles; either due to a lack of understanding of Twitter or the inability or unwillingness to commit and invest the time to learn.

Hotel marketers have basically 2 strategies available to them. You follow a lot of people and have a low relationship or better, you pursue a high relationship Twitter strategy where you follow and interact with a low number of people, but on a deeper and more personal level. If you have read my post “Twitter Top 10 of Hotels in the Algarve. Is Twitter Underestimated or Misunderstood?”, you will know that form the handful of hotels seriously active, a few use the first strategy though….

Before committing to strategies, I am a firm believer of establishing measurable objectives first and prior answering some questions, but foremost first you will need to confirm this one: “Do you really need to be on Twitter with your hotel? Does it fit in your overall marketing strategy and do you have the necessary resources (time!) available to you?” If both are affirmative, then answer the following:

  • Should you have different Twitter accounts for your hotel’s general destination info, your hotel concierge, your promotional offers, etc?
  • What keywords are relevant? Do your keyword research for each segment / niche you are targeting from Spa-goers, golfers, active sporters to, nature culinary and wine lovers,
  • How often will you tweet? Decide on a frequency of tweeting that works for you and is sustainable. Start off slow, or consider using one of the tools that allows you to schedule tweets.


The Basics

  • Complete your Bio. Include the Hotel’s Value proposition / USP’s and consider linking to the hotel’s website and “duplicating” its keywords.
  • Show Regular Activity. Be active on Twitter on a regular basis and increase your engagement level by acknowledging your Retweets / Mentions, apart from checking updates through your (saved) keyword searches, joining discussions and sharing interesting subjects related to your destination – Check out one of my earlier blog posts: “What does your Hotel Tweet about? – Some practical Examples.”
  • Get Your Twitter Profile Listed in Twitter Directories. There are many Twitter directories and submit the hotel’s profile to some. Check out my previous blog post: “How to use Twitter Lists to market Your Hotel.”
  • Look for People You already know. You can export your Outlook or Frequent Guest contacts to a (dummy) Gmail or Yahoo account.  Go back to “Find Friends” and import into Twitter.
  • Reward your Followers. Create an incentive for potential new followers to click on your “Follow” button. Or even a better strategy is to focus on not losing your current followers by rewarding them with exclusive Twitter discounts, special offers, hotel vouchers etc, without going into a push sales strategy.
  • Integrate your Social Networks. Did you link your Twitter with your Hotel Facebook Fanpage (mind, you can be selective with your tweets), LinkedIn and/or Hotel blog?
  • Put your Twitter Name in your Signatures. Are you still sending an email without your Twitter handle in it?
  • Improve your Image and use Images. Use a customised Twitter background.  You can try sites like mytweetspace or and when tweeting complement with pics of your restaurant’s “Special of the Day”, the NYE gala fireworks or the view from your best room.
  • Research Bios and use Hashtags #.  Hashtags are used to find content that is of interest and tweepl likely will follow those people. Research bio’s for keywords that match your hotel’s segments or key markets and follow those people. A free tool that searches bios is Or, say you want to promote your hotel’s restaurant in Lisbon and want to target people in the area.  Use Twitter’s advanced search to find people who Tweet from the Lisbon area. Alternatively, use tools like and register your hotel’s Twitter account and list for some relevant categories.
  • Follow other Hotel’s Followers. Cheeky you think? Think about it; chances are that the followers are following a hotel because they are interested in what they have got to say and they just might be interested in you.


What Tactics are You using to increase Your Following? Share your comments underneath!

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How to Market Your Hotel with Twitter Lists?


A couple of days ago I wrote the blog post “Top 10 of Algarve Hotels on Twitter – Is Twitter Misunderstood or Underestimated? ” and I thought of digging a little deeper and have a look at how often these hotels are “Listed”, while taking the opportunity of posting on the importance of twitter lists for Hotel marketers.

To no surprise from the underneath table it is clear that the most engaged Hotels in the Algarve are also listed more than those hotels with a relatively lower score on Klout, Tweetreach and Twitalyzer, the metrics used to rank them in the aforementioned blog post.

    Twitter Handle Listed Klout Score
1 Portobay Hotels & Resorts Portobay 253 44
2 Tivoli Hotels & Resorts Tivolihotels 126 30
3 Pestana Hotels & Resorts pestanahotels 118 53
4 Hotel Faro Hotelfaro 77 29
5 Holiday Inn Algarve HolidayInnAlg 55 10

Hotel marketers might have further necessity in creating lists. When enthusiastically (and automatically?) following everyone who follows you, you may find yourself very lost quickly; your Twitter timeline gets congested, making it difficult to find tweets and users that are really important to your hotel. You need to get rid of people with little relationship potential by unfollowing those not following back and optimise your following-to-follower ratio.

Twitter lists create grouped tweet streams of the people on them. Effectively listening and monitoring people without following them makes it easy for hotel marketers to carry out market segmentation, market research and gather info. Lists will facilitate greater engagement in reaching audiences that are more receptive, responsive and willing to help spread the word about your hotel brand or destination. Each Twitter account can create 20 named lists. Put your most relevant lists at the top and give your list a short descriptive name, sparking interest and taking advantage of SEO benefits, whilst being able to tweet them easily. Either privately or publically listed, you could consider clustering your lists as follows:

  1. Segment various target audiences
  2. Research new markets and audiences
  3. Track target accounts/prospects
  4. Track current clients and frequent guests (Brand Advocates)


Advantages of using Twitter Lists

  • Good Twitter list improves the visibility in your market.
  • People you follow in your public lists will appreciate the recognition.
  • By providing a useful resource, you will increase your credibility and attract more followers.
  • Monitor shortened lists organised by category, will save you time and allows you to find relevant information more easily and good candidates for retweeting.
  • Expand your own reach on Twitter. As you tweet excellent content and your following grows, people will add you to their trusted lists and more people will follow their lists.
  • Gain trust and authority. When added to someone’s list, they trust your tweets and want to follow you closely in a category column or filtered stream; gaining a much higher chance of being seen, read and retweeted – crucial for getting your message out.


Additional Sample Uses of Twitter Lists

  • Follow the Experts. Put them in a list to keep up with their latest conversations. Watch how they interact with their followers and what they share
  • Learn About Your Brand Advocates. What better way to learn about your (frequent) guests than following their conversations on Twitter?
  • Monitor Your Competition. You will be able to see what works and what not.
  • Monitor Industry News. Track local, destination news and from around the world
  • Inner Circle List..Co-workers, family or friends.
  • Must Follow List..People you recommend other tweepl should follow


Twitter List Management Tools and where to find Lists?

You can follow lists other people have made and organise them through tools such as Formulists, Check out the lists created by hotel experts, those will be the ones to follow. There are also sites that help you find lists created by others, such as: Listorious, Listatlas, TweetFind, ListiMonkey, Listomatic

How do use Twitter lists? Share your favourite lists in the comments and do not forget to follow me on your Lists!

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Top 50 of Algarve Hotels on Facebook – Week 1


Happy New Year to all Blog Readers and Followers!

Which hotels are the fastest movers? Did your hotel make the cut for this week’s Top 50?

It has been a while that I posted the last – Top 50 of Algarve Hotels on Facebook, dating back to 11th of December and I hoe you are as curious what happened within almost a month.

The last time I remarked that with the new facebook profiles recently introduced it is now also clearer that some hotels (e.g. Real Marina) are using a personal profile, instead of a company profile, which will allow then only a maximum of 5.000 fans – none seem to have acted upon this, bringing Hoteis Real now into “trouble” with 4.999 fans. If I really would be stringent, all those not being “Fan Pages” ought to be excluded, although this would take out some “household names” and about 10 hotels would not appear.

  • Fan Base Increase: The list saw the total fanbase increase by 4.505 fans or an average of 90. No surprises in the Top 5 Vila Galé adding 924 fans – 55% of the Top 10 fan increase. Then the most fans were not added in the Top 10, but by Vale do Lobo (+832 – and I suppose here I missed out on their real fan site in previous editions), CS Hotels (+246), Hoteis Baia (+221). Never before, the list saw so many hotels reduce their fans; again, for a 5th (!) week in a row, Monica Isabel Beach Club saw its fan base dwindle (-50 fans), Martinhal (-41 fans), Adriana Beach Club (-29) and Hotel Eva (-4).


  • Market Share: 15  hotels increased their relative market share with the largest increases for Vale do Lobo (+0,5%), Vila Galé (+0,2%) and 5 other hotels with 0,1%. 


  • Ranking: Unfortunately, I did not register any new entrants and a total of 12 hotels have moved up the table. Vila Galé remains unchallenged for the first spot on the table, holding that position firmly since the beginning. Fastest Mover of this week’s top 50 is CS Hotels Jumping 4 positions to 12th. Tivoli jumps from 7th to 5th, Pedras d’el Rei (#8th) overtakes Hoteis Real (#9), Dom Pedro Hotels climbs a spot to #14th, as well as Hoteis Baia (19th), Prainha 22nd, Hilton (34th), Brown’s (41st), Hotel Quinta do Lago (46th) Pestana climbing 2 spots to 25th, and the same accounts for Encosta do Lago (27th), Vila Joya (38th) when working down the list.


As with all lists, I have tried to include all hotels to my best knowledge. In case you feel I have missed out on a paricular hotel, feel free to comment or Tweet me with a DM at @marcsontag. Do not forget, comments appreciated underneath! Have a great read and check out the rank of your hotel!

    Facebook Fans 02/01/11 “Market Share” Absolute Increase Market Share Increase (%)
1 Vila Galé Hotels     23.661   13,4%       924   0,2%
2 Longevity Wellness Resort Monchique      16.390   9,3%       160   -0,1%
3 Lagrimas Hotels     11.617   6,6%       180   -0,1%
4 Villa Termal Caldas de Monchique      6.928   3,9%         46   -0,1%
5 Tivoli Hotels & Resorts      6.502   3,7%       155   0,0%
6 As Cascatas Golf Resort & Spa       6.464   3,7%         78   -0,1%
7 Pedras da Rainha      6.279   3,6%         46   -0,1%
8 Pedras d’ El Rei      5.004   2,8%         26   -0,1%
9 Hoteis Real      4.999   2,8%         11   -0,1%
10 Grande Real Santa Eulália Resort & Hotel Spa       4.974   2,8%         44   0,0%
11 Adriana Beach Club      4.387   2,5% –       29   -0,1%
12 CS Hotels, Golf & Resorts      4.082   2,3%       246   0,1%
13 Monica Isabel Beach Club      4.046   2,3% –       50   -0,1%
14 Dom Pedro Hotels      3.947   2,2%         83   0,0%
15 Vista Marina      3.923   2,2%           5   -0,1%
16 Memmo Baleeiro Hotel      3.832   2,2%         76   0,0%
17 Real Marina Hotel & Spa       3.819   2,2%         26   0,0%
18 Porto Bay Hotels & resorts      3.630   2,1%       197   0,1%
19 Hoteís Baia      3.284   1,9%       221   0,1%
20 Martinhal Beach Resort & Hotel       3.149   1,8% –       41   -0,1%
21 Hotel Faro      3.034   1,7%         23   0,0%
22 Prainha Alvor      3.011   1,7%       191   0,1%
23 Eden Resort      2.944   1,7%         70   0,0%
24 Sheraton Algarve      2.537   1,4%         15   0,0%
25 Encosta do Lago      2.353   1,3%         88   0,0%
26 Pestana Hotels & Resorts      2.348   1,3%       102   0,0%
27 Terrace Club      2.330   1,3%           8   0,0%
28 Vila Vita Parc Resort & Spa       2.295   1,3%         78   0,0%
29 Monte Santo Resort       2.192   1,2%         24   0,0%
30 Balaia Golf Village      2.165   1,2%       174   0,1%
31 Cabanas Park resort      1.785   1,0%         98   0,0%
32 Vigia Resorts      1.571   0,9%         36   0,0%
33 Vale do Lobo      1.474   0,8%       832   0,5%
34 Suites Alba Resort & Spa       1.422   0,8%         12   0,0%
35 Hilton Vilamoura As Cascatas Golf Resort & Spa       1.180   0,7%         36   0,0%
36 Real Bellavista Hotel & Spa      1.169   0,7%           2   0,0%
37 Ponta Grande      1.167   0,7%         44   0,0%
38 Vila Valverde Design Hotel      1.133   0,6%         55   0,0%
39 Vila Joya       1.080   0,6%         43   0,0%
40 Le Méridien Penina Golf & Resort       1.064   0,6%         15   0,0%
41 Hotel Oriental      1.030   0,6%           2   0,0%
42 Browns         915   0,5%         57   0,0%
43 Hotel Eva         869   0,5% –         4   0,0%
44 Pine Cliffs Resort          827   0,5%         16   0,0%
45 Água Hotels Vale Da Lapa          825   0,5%           9   0,0%
46 Holiday Inn Algarve         771   0,4%         22   0,0%
47 Hotel Quinta do Lago          692   0,4%         26   0,0%
48 Monte da Quinta Resort         691   0,4%           3   0,0%
49 Praia Verde Suite hotel         557   0,3%         19   0,0%
50 Algarve Casino Hotel          516   0,3%           5   0,0%
      176.864        4.505    
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Twitter Top 10 of Hotels in the Algarve – Is Twitter Underestimated or Misunderstood?

Just before closing the year I thought of bringing you a quick update on hotels in the Algarve using Twitter. However, this week’s list is a little different from the previous, as I now only considered those hotels with a Klout score – measuring the overall online influence of hotels. Due to this, the previous Top 35 was now reduced to a Top 10.

Compared to the previous list there is little change with respect to the growth of the followers base within this Top 10; it just increased by a total of 86 or 0,6%. Portobay and Tivoli both added 23 followers, whilst the Holiday Inn Algarve saw its following reduced by 4.

Due to this rather insignificant movement, and not wanting to pursue the number’s game of followers, I now also included 2 other measurements to further evaluate the hotels’ engagement and twitter activity, the:

  1. Tweetreach: This tool gives you detailed reach analysis for any search term on how tweets about that term have spread on Twitter. This will give you an understanding of the overall impact of your message or campaign.
  • A high reach indicates that a broad base of different users found your message interesting and spread it to their followers. It often means that multiple unrelated people found out about your campaign from sources outside of Twitter.
  • Conversely, a lower reach means that your message is likely only being shared among a smaller group of people who may be more interrelated; e.g. people in the same geographic area.

2. Twitalyzer: This tool uses a combination of the following factors. [The tool also provides comprehensive dashboards and metrics when logging in with your twitter account]:

  • The number of followers a user has
  • The number of unique references and citations of the user in Twitter
  • The frequency at which the user is uniquely retweeted 
  • The frequency at which the user is uniquely retweeting other people
  • The relative frequency at which the user posts updates


    Followers Klout Tweetreach Twitalyzer
1 Pestana Hotels & Resorts      3.981   54         9.216   1,0%
2 Portobay Hotels & Resorts      2.162   44       49.886   1,1%
3 Monte Santo Resort        814   35            814   0,2%
4 Tivoli Hotels & Resorts      1.814   31         3.487   0,5%
5 Martinhal Beach Resort & Hotel        105   30            105   0,1%
6 Sheraton Algarve        337   28            337   0,1%
7 Hotel Faro      2.221   26         3.512   0,6%
8 Holiday Inn Algarve      1.441   10         1.441   0,3%
9 Cabanas Park Resort        357   10  x x
10 Balaia Golf Village        274   10         4.100   x

When combining the results of the 3 tools, the following can be remarked:

  •  Klout score. It is clear, that besides the rather sluggish growth of the followers, that 4 hotels improved their Klout score, whilst Tivoli saw its score reduced – all pertained to the first 5 spots of the table.
  • Tweetreach. On average the hotels sent just 14 tweets, whilst Cabanas and the Sheraton Algarve have not sent a Tweet at all. Most tweets were sent by Portobay (50 – the default maximum of the tool), followed by Pestana (19) and Hotel Faro (17). In total the Top 10 contributed for 153k impressions and offset against the number of followers this is a “viral” factor of 11,3.

Pestana, Monte Santo and Martinhal have a relatively high exposure (read impressions) compared with a low reach. Those hotels should be careful, as this is an indicator that you may have a core of users to whom you are trying to spread your message by tweeting repeatedly, but that your campaign is failing to take off beyond those users’ followers. A high exposure among a small group of people may mean they feel “bombarded” by your message. You may want to alter your message or seek out other ways to get more Twitter users involved to avoid over-saturating a small group. Having said this, in the case of Pestana this contradicts their good Klout score!

  • Twitalyzer. Both Pestana and Portobay are reconfirmed as the Twitter leaders, followed by Tivoli and Hotel Faro. Whilst Tivoli has the least of followers (1.814) amongst these 4 hotels, the first 3 hotels are all classified as an “Every Day User” – who have a small circle of influence but great potential, whilst Hotel Faro is held as a “Reporter” – Reporters are connected people and great communicators. 


In conclusion: Both Pestana and Portobay stand out from the “crowd”. The hotel with the least of followers present in the Top 10, Martinhal, has merely 105 followers, while some hotels have been inactive over the recent period, leaving me with the following comment:

Is Twitter by the Hotels in the Algarve underestimated, misunderstood, or is the little show of engagement a conscious strategy choice e.g. by rather focussing on Facebook or due to a lack of resources – read, not having a dedicated department dealing with Social Media? Let me have your comments underneath!

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What Social Media Trends will 2011 bring to the Hospitality Industry?

Looking forward to the New Year we can hardly escape them: our New Year’s Resolutions and Predications for 2011.

Skipping the first, this year will be in summary for Social Media in the Hospitality Industry the year of Convergence, Integration and Social Commerce, while online privacy will become (even more of) an issue.

There will also be the “Big Divide” between hotel companies who “get” social media and others who invest in it for the wrong reasons, either due to a lack of understanding or failing commitment. Without any doubt in 2011 hotel companies are planning to invest more in internet and social media marketing, as they move to full implementation and integration. Great you might think, but many hotel companies are expanding budgets for social media marketing not because they have been successful at it, but because they are relying on a hunch and because my competitor is “doing it”.

Social media sites have matured and make no mistake, social media is a marathon and expensive – both in actual (ad) spent and in the (labour) cost. Now, more than ever, marketers need a clear plan and strategy for social media. The ROI or better the ROE (Return on Engagement – see my previous post) question is critical to resolve and I expect 2011 will make big strides in this respect.

Underneath I listed some of my thoughts for your comments:

  1. Hotel Companies will foster a broad(er) Engagement. Social media touches Marketing, PR, Sales, Customer Service, HR and IT. We will see more and more integrations that will result in cross-functional Social CRM dashboards. Cross-posting updates to Facebook and Twitter and measuring the number of clicks will not suffice. Hotel marketers will need to focus on content marketing, storytelling, and understanding that social media is not about selling, but engagement in creating a community with meaningful relationships.
  2. Companies will integrate Social Feedback into their Decision Making Process. Websites dedicated to guest reviews will increase their dominance – controversial or not.. Hotel companies will go beyond using social channels for building awareness and providing support and use the information to support strategic decisions and execute on the objectives.
  3. Tying Social Media Metrics to actual Business Goals: Despite 2010 being a year filled with ROI discussions, most hotels still have no clue how to meaningfully measure ROI. Metrics will evolve beyond counting ‘likes’ and comments.
  4. Convergence with Traditional Media: Traditional media will remain the main channel of communication for hotels, while social and other digital channels penetrating fast into their territory. Traditional media will transmit the comprehensive story to a wider range of customers, while social media will emerge as the channel of reaching highly targeted audiences and keeping them engaged.
  5. Growth of Social E-Commerce and F-Commerce: Overwhelmed by information, new opportunities lie in turning information into insight for (potential) guests making smarter buying decisions. Social media is a digital word of mouth, whilst online shopping continues to grow, becoming a mainstream practice across generations. Especially Facebook will help hotel marketers prove how closely social media can be tied to sales with the possibility of campaigns and the development of dedicated Facebook stores. Will Twitter go that route too?
  6. (Short term?) Growth of Private Sales / Member-Only websites: Unlike last-minute sales, the members-only deals generally offer a longer travel window. Many luxury hotels will have an issue with discounting their brand. However, the sheer size of the audience of especially Groupon, besides the likes of Jetsetter, Voyageprive and Expedia’s Sniqueaway makes them hard to entirely disregard. Hotels do like the membership requirement, as generally these rates do not appear in online searches or aggregator sites, while creating the opportunity for a repeat guest. However, in my opinion hotel marketers should focus more on investing on their own direct online channel and do their maths. It might be worthwhile to stick with your traditional OTA’s to keep your margins up!
  7. Social Media for HR Management: Human Resource managers have recognised social media as a great recruitment tool. Social Networks like LinkedIn are good online and real-time resumes. Facebook can be a fast and inexpensive channel to broadcast vacancies to a relevant audience of a connected network of professionals.
  8. Mobile and Location Based Marketing: Smartphone usage will rise making location based social media tools such as Foursquare and Facebook Places grow in popularity as people get more comfortable checking in to a hotel or restaurant business. This will be the result of enhanced privacy features that block your location from public view and more enticing brand offers. As the mobile arena grows, smaller hotels will continue to move text marketing campaigns to mobile phones.
  9. Video will be everywhere: Consumer’ engagement with video will continue to rise. Both hotel companies and consumers will increasingly rely on video to provide information and behavioural cues that are not otherwise present in texts, tweets and status updates, making video a critical component of the value chain for its impact on perception for both.
  10. Monitoring Conversations: Hotel Marketers will develop new Listening skills in understanding and harnessing buying signals, search terms, prior purchases, etc. Show your customers you are listening and responding. You can choose social-media dashboards or free keyword-alert services such as google alerts and socialmention.

What are your thoughts on Social Media Trends in the Hospitality Industry for 2011? Comments underneath!

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How do you measure Engagement via Social Media in your Hotel?

The other day I had a meeting with our Communications and PR Manager, who internally also deals with our Social Media endeavours. In this conversation we were re-analysing the specific goals for the various Social Media platforms and we discussed how to better measure the results and what specific tactics to apply.

Besides the almost obligatory, but rather rhetorical “Is social media really worth my time and effort, especially when I have a thousand other things on my plate”, one of the problems we encountered was differentiating between the objective and the tactics used in reaching the objective.

Allow me to explain. One of our original objectives was increasing the monthly fan/followers base by a specific number for our resorts. Not wanting to go in to a rather male analogy that size might matter and knowing that the absolute fan number is just a numbers game proving little; on the other hand a pond with just a few fish will give little joy to any angler, but the most stoic enjoying nature and not after the catch…..

The number of Fans/Followers is a “traditionally” a metric of Return on Investment, while Return on Engagement asks how many people are “liking,” commenting and sharing your content. Here are some suggestions for hotel marketers to measure Engagement:

  1. Average number of comments per update: Indifferent of the Social Media platform, look at the number of comments. Not getting much response then it is time to take a look at why. Do you finish off your posts with a question or discussion point? Are your posts challenging or controversial?
  2. Number of Retweets per topic: When building engagement on Twitter, you want to have content that is sharable and than the retweet is key in growing your audience.
  3. Twitter/Facebook to website clickthrough rate: When using social media to build website traffic, looking at your clickthrough rate is essential. Just because your fans find your Facebook content engaging does not necessarily mean they visit your website as well. Give them a reason to visit often by linking to new and updated website content.

For all of the above metrics, it is best looking at the trends and cross-reference those with the calendar of your social media campaign tactics in assessing which campaign delivered more traffic to your website.

Return on Engagement – or even Social Media if you want – is about people and meaningful relationships. The more you make conversation with your guests whether it is through review sites, Facebook pages, or actually in your hotel, the more potential you have to gain valuable ROE and valuable word of mouth marketing.

Ask yourself, what does your audience know about your hotel today?

  1. Nothing 
  2. Aware, but never stayed at the hotel
  3. Stayed at the hotel once 
  4. Repeat Guests 
  5. Advocates

Then, pick two segments to focus upon and make sure they are adjacent on the above scale. [It would be 2 strategies when targeting advocates and people that have never heard of your hotel!]

Some last words – Social Media is a Marathon, Not a Sprint. As with many things in life – to get the most out of social media, it is critical to be consistent and vigilant in devoting a certain amount of time – a half hour to forty five minutes a day is a good start – in engaging with (potential) customers on social networks.

How do you measure Engagement via Social Media in your Hotel? Comments underneath!

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Twitter Top 35 of Algarve Hotels


This post was supposed to be a continuation of the Facebook Top 50, but seeing that relatively little has changed over the last few weeks I now thought of seeing “How Big” Twitter is amongst the Hotels in the Algarve.

Why a Top 35? Well, the hotel currently holding the red lantern “Vista Marina” has 1 Fan and I would appreciate hearing if I missed out on a particular hotel.

In this overview I used 3 values.

  1. the number of fans – yeah please let the comments come on the value of these absolute numbers –
  2. the Twittergrade, which I already had addressed in a previous post and
  3.  the Klout score

The Klout Score is the measurement of the overall online influence. The scores range from 1 to 100 with higher scores representing a wider and stronger sphere of influence. Klout uses over 35 variables on Facebook and Twitter to measure True Reach, Amplification Probability, and Network Score.

  • True Reach is the size of your engaged audience and is based on those of your followers and friends who actively listen and react to your messages.
  • Amplification Score is the likelihood that your messages will generate actions (retweets, @messages, likes and comments) and is on a scale of 1 to 100.
  • Network score indicates how influential your engage audience is and is also on a scale from 1 to 100. The Klout score is highly correlated to clicks, comments and retweets.

Klout believes that influence is the ability to drive people to action — “action” might be defined as a reply, a retweet, a comment, or a click. 

The final Klout Score is a representation of how successful a person is at engaging their audience and how big of an impact their messages have on people.

When comparing this Twitter Top 35 with their Facebook counterparts some interesting remarks can be made:

  1. There are only 5 hotels with more than a 1.000 twitter followers. On Facebook 40 hotels with that number of fans,
  2. The number of Fans on Facebook is 10 times that of Twitter; aprox 160.000 fans versus only 16.000 followers!
  3. The #1 on Twitter, Pestana Hotels, holds #26 on Facebook, the #2 on Twitter, Hotel Faro, holds #20 on Facebook
  4. Reversely, the #1 on Facebook -Vila Galé Hotels, is only found on #8 on Twitter and the runner up Longevity Wellness Resort does not even seem to have a Twitter handle.

So, what can we conclude from this? I would say that seeing the relatively small number of fans (and tweets / engagements) that hotels see (still?) little added value in Twitter, with the exception of Pestana Hotels, Portobay Hotels and Tivoli Hotels, seeing their relatively high Klout score. They just so happen to be chain hotels and that leads me to believe that they might have channeled -and centralised? – some of their Social Media efforts through a dedicated team, while having a game plan in how to deal with twitter and seeking engagement relatively well with their guests.

So, what is your Return on Engagement? Share your comments underneath!

      Followers Twittergrade Klout Score
1 Pestana Hotels & Resorts pestanahotels      3.963   100 53
2 Hotel Faro Hotelfaro      2.208   98,7 26
3 Porto Bay Hotels & resorts Portobay      2.139   98,7 43
4 Tivoli Hotels & Resorts tivolihotels      1.791   98,1 34
5 Holiday Inn Algarve
     1.445   96,0 10
6 Monte Santo Resort  monte_santo        806   93,0 33
7 As Cascatas Golf Resort & Spa  ascascatas        518   91,0 x
8 Vila Galé Hotels vilagalehotels        454   92,0 x
9 Cabanas Park Resort Cabanaspark        357   87,0 10
10 Sheraton Algarve sheratonalgarve        333   90,0 28
11 Balaia Golf Village Balaia        273   88,0 10
12 Vale do Lobo Vale_do_Lobo        229   87,0 x
13 CS Hotels, Golf & Resorts cshotels        188   83,0 x
14 Eden Resort Eden_resort        149   78,0 x
15 Vigia Resorts vigiaresorts        143   77,0 x
16 Memmo Baleeiro Hotel memmobaleeira        133   78,0 x
17 Martinhal Beach Resort & Hotel  MartinhalResort        105   74,0 28
18 Algarve Casino Hotel  Algarvecasino        105   78,0 x
19 Monte da Quinta Resort MQresort          97   72,0 x
20 Hotels Real HotelsReal          89   74,0 x
21 Pinheiros Altos PinheirosAltos          67   68,0 x
22 Praia Verde Suite hotel Praiaverde          62   68,0 x
23 Hotel Dona Filipa donafilipahotel          59   67,0 10
24 Villa Termal Caldas de Monchique VillaTermal           47   65,0 x
25 Le Méridien Penina Golf & Resort  LMPenina          38   54,0 x
26 Vila Vita Parc Resort & Spa  vilavitaparc          31   55,0 10
27 Monica Isabel Beach Club monicaisabelres          30   53,0 10
28 Hotel Eva Hoteleva          23   48 x
29 Lagrimas Hotels lagrimas_hotels          15   48,0 10
30 Adriana Beach Club resortalbufeira          13   35,0 x
31 Vila Valverde Design Hotel vilavalverde          11   33,0 10
32 Água Hotels Vale Da Lapa  ValedaLapa            9   37,0 x
33 Dom Pedro Hotels dompedroemfoz            7   64,0 x
34 Suites Alba Resort & Spa  suites_alba            7   27,0 x
35 Vista Marina VistaMarina            1   17,0 x
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