In the Media and Testimonials

The following is a just a sample of some recent coverage and testimonials.

For testimonials please check out my LinkedIn Profile or see underneath what people have kindly written about me:


Director Residential Tourism @ IMOCOM Group

“Marc is a true expert in the tourism sector, with extensive experience and a proven success record. It was a pleasure working with him on developing Imocom Resort’s digital media strategies, as not only was he open to suggestions but he also provide many insightful and innovative ideas which culminated in extremely effective campaigns. His market knowledge and expertise are second to no one I have worked with in the tourism trade.”, Mike Boogaard, Sales & Account Director,

“Marc’s devotion to perfection in everything he does professionally is tireless. This is matched by his contagious enthusiasm for any project he is involved with and his ability to understand and embrace new trends and ideas to find innovative solutions to any challenge.” Richard Bowden, Internet Marketing Director, Daydream Lda.

“I worked for Marc Sontag as a PR & Communications Assistant at IMOCOM Hotels and Resorts. As part of his team I was given the opportunity to participate in the launch of 2 five star resorts in the Algarve. His capacity to lead a team to the peak of their abilities while conveying his knowledge made him a mentor for me and many of my colleagues.
Marc mixes his experience in luxury standards, profit/cost analysis, innovative sales tactics and efficient marketing campaigns to make bold yet effective decisions. He constantly discovers, applies and masters new hospitality trends. Furthermore, his dedication and focus to the success of every project is undoubtedly contagious.
I would recommend Marc as a Manager who never sees problems, only solutions.”, Jennifer Freire, PR & Communications Assistant, IMOCOM Hotels and Resorts

“Since I met Marc Sontag I have been delighted with his professional attitude, his enormous knowledge of Hotel bussiness, many talents, analytic brilliance, razor sharp focus and high speed execution.”, João Rosado, Sales Executive, IMOCOM Hotels & Resorts

“Marc Sontag is a born leader, an accurate thinker with brilliant commercial skills – he is able to transform any opportunity into a real success with measurable results. He has a natural ability to select and form quality teams and guide the talents of each individual towards a common cause. He is a professional with extraordinary abilities to make a difference for the positive in any organization or project in which it is involved. He is a totally committed professional and I personally admire his pursuit for perfection at all levels and the attention to detail that he gives to each project. Marc Sontag is a winner that you will wish to have on your side!”, Analita Santos, PR & Communications Manager, IMOCOM Group

“Marc Sontag was Head of Residential Tourism development at IMOCOM Hotels & Resorts, during the 2.5 years that I work under Marc’s direct supervision I saw him as extremely enthusiastic about his work which is infectious. I certainly would recommend him for any training on this topic. Marc has many talents, analytic brilliance, razor sharp focus and high speed execution. Marc represents the next wave of dynamic speakers on Internet culture and its impact on tourism business and I highly recommend him if you are looking for a Manager to keep your business one… two step ahead.” Vasco Ferreira Leite, Front Office Manager, Grupo Imocom

“Marc is a hard worker, with a deep knowledge of the Hotel Industry as well as of mixed-use resorts concept. Apart from that, Marc is also a leader highly driven to achieving his goals and a team motivator. Was great to work alongside Marc!” Célia Fonseca, Marketing Manager, Hilton Vilamoura Vacation Club

“Marc Sontag is a great profiissional and a fantastic person. Is a team player, very business and goal oriented. Is a perso you can count on a very good in managment and human resources side. Is a very good profissional and I would like to have him in my team.” Susana Rodas, Director – Tourism Business Development, Grupo Imocom

“Since I met Marc Sontag I have been delighted with his professional attitude, his enormous knowledge of our market and of macroeconomy as well as his “thumbs up” attitude toward his colleagues and his partners.
I admire his work and his commitment to excellence.”, Fabio C. de Andrade, Business Development, Hilton

“I used to work with Marc on a project bases in Spain and know again as a collegue in Portugal. Marc is a very focussed person, fully trustable and superb financial skills. Apart from that he is a hard worker who wants the best for his team but surely the best return on investment for his owners.” Maarten de Boer, General Manager, Crowne Plaza Albufeira-Algarve Portugal


Director @ Vale do Lobo Resort

“Marc Sontag has a unique ability to develop the knowledge of the people that he works with. Is very committed in achieving results, commercially effective and always searching for innovation. I consider is managing performance a valuable addition to any company.” Artur Santos, Front Office Manager, Vale do Lobo Resort


General Manager @ Xelat Holding

“Marc Sontag is a very charismatic leader and high on integrity. Achieve desired results. Drive his & property vision and ensure everyone is aligned. Focus energy on what works to evolve intelligently and to profit. Set and define thoughtful strategy and long-range goals.
Innovative; foster excitement for what’s next. Encourage the free exchange of ideas and risk taking. Well on execution; deliver results through his strong Sales & Marketing background, great relationship building and his financial acumen.”, Lars van der Most, Residence Manager, Hotel Derlon Maastricht

“In my role as International Motorsport Manager at Shell I have worked very well together with Marc as Manager of the Golden Tulip Hotel In Maastricht during Shell events for hundreds of Shell guests around the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Belgium. At that occasion we developed with him and his team real out-of the box ideas. Everything was delivered on time at a real price. We achieved great results thanks to the knowhow, expertise, leadership and dedication of Marc. It was nice to work with him together.” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time, René Kroll 

“Marc is a very experienced professional in the tourism and leisure industry. No wonder after outstanding performances with several companies he worked for. I appreciated working with Marc as a person and colleague. Although he was my competitor during his time in Maastricht (Netherlands), being responsible for 2 properties, I learned to know him as being a real pro in sales/marketing issues. Furthermore Marc knows how to read the figures and subsequently act if it’s necessary. I am convinced that Marc can adjust knowledge and profitability to any company working in the tourism industry.” Maurice Gelders, General manager Crowne Plaza, Intercontinental Hotel Group ( IHG)

Please check back soon for further updates.


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