About Me

Welcome to my personal Blog

I am passionate about all subjects related to Hospitality Management and the development of luxury hotels, leisure real estate and residential tourism projects, while intrigued by Social Media and Internet Marketing.

Over the last 15 years I have run a full spectrum of business operations for diverse industry market leaders in turn-around and start-up environments, spanning mixed-use resorts and luxury hotel properties on various continents, whilst complimenting this by having acted as a consultant and entrepreneur.

Employed by the Imocom Group, I am located in the Algarve and excited about the tremendous opportunity for the hospitality industry to be able to connect with relevant consumers in local markets, by leveraging social media technology applications and digital marketing strategies. As this is is my personal blog, my views might not be those of my employer.

How am I involved in the Internet and Social Media Marketing in the Hospitality Industry?

Caught by the current economic circumstances, I was forced to re-think our Marketing Strategy in pursuit of direct clients. Since 2008 I have been actively involved in developing the internet and social media strategy spanning from the development of our resorts’ websites, developing adword campaigns, blogging, integrating guest reviews in our communication cycle, just to name a few.

Having had a successful personal presence on LinkedIn for quite some time now – in addition to Xing, Ecademy, Naymz and Plaxo – , I first got involved with Facebook in 2009, whilst I had heard about Facebook in the passing and did not think much of it at the time. Then, I was not really interested in joining yet another online networking site of which I was uncertain it would be sustainable in time.

I also joined Twitter but must admit that I have not grasped the full extent and advantage for the hotel industry yet.

Facebook is a simple, yet comprehensive, online platform for fostering your unique personal brand, building a community, growing your email database, driving traffic to your website or blog, improving guest service and selling services.

However, too often I note that companies try to push their promotions instead of working the relationship…..



2 Responses to About Me

  1. Dear Mr. Sontag.
    I came to this blog by goggling social media in Algarve! I must say! That is amazing what you have done here! Very well done!

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