What will be the Future of Residential Tourism?

Leisure Real Estate | Residential Tourism – What will be the Relationship Management Model of the Future?

Residential tourism developments – also known as condohotels or mixed use resorts -, were in vogue until recently in the tourism and real estate industry, with some of the most famous brands developing or managing this type of product all over the world.

Now that that those once seemingly excellent investment opportunities – mostly at start-up properties – are affected by the current Real Estate slump and so cash flow generation, what will be for instance the effects on the Rental / Lease Back schemes – which at times even guaranteed a fixed annual return, but most commonly shared a percentage of the rental return for an initial limited term of time; currently running out?

On one hand individual Owners aim for an equitable return on their investment and a net payout after condominium charges from the start-up onwards, whilst on the other hand the management arguably ought to re-invest their returns in positioning the property for long term success and effectively compete in the market place with similar properties, that do not share their revenues. 

Similarly to the discussion on Hotel Management Contracts favouring Hotel operators will asset management with a fractioned base of owners and differing investment objectives and horizons – be the answer in aligning interests of operator and individual owners, whilst resort developers for instance in Portugal in most cases wear 3 different hats; the one of developer, condominium and rental manager?

So my question is, “What will the Relationship Management Model of the Future be for Residential Tourism creating a win-win situation for all stakeholders and aligning their interests?

Comments appreciated underneath or at Linkedin in the Q&A section. Feel free to connect.

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3 Responses to What will be the Future of Residential Tourism?

  1. Interesting question — looking forward to read the input.

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  2. The same situation holds true in the Bahamas; resort developers cases wear 4 different hats; the one of developer, condominium and rental manager and sales. I

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