Twitter Tactics for Hotels to grow their Following


Are you connecting with the right people? Do you want to build a quality Twitter following? Are You Follow-Worthy and would you follow yourself on Twitter?

Several times a week I get followed by people or organisations and sometimes I have no clue why they are following me. Generally, if I do not follow back they (ought to) unfollow me within a few days. Twitter thrives on the relationship and yet many hotels struggle to gain a following and end up abandoning their profiles; either due to a lack of understanding of Twitter or the inability or unwillingness to commit and invest the time to learn.

Hotel marketers have basically 2 strategies available to them. You follow a lot of people and have a low relationship or better, you pursue a high relationship Twitter strategy where you follow and interact with a low number of people, but on a deeper and more personal level. If you have read my post “Twitter Top 10 of Hotels in the Algarve. Is Twitter Underestimated or Misunderstood?”, you will know that form the handful of hotels seriously active, a few use the first strategy though….

Before committing to strategies, I am a firm believer of establishing measurable objectives first and prior answering some questions, but foremost first you will need to confirm this one: “Do you really need to be on Twitter with your hotel? Does it fit in your overall marketing strategy and do you have the necessary resources (time!) available to you?” If both are affirmative, then answer the following:

  • Should you have different Twitter accounts for your hotel’s general destination info, your hotel concierge, your promotional offers, etc?
  • What keywords are relevant? Do your keyword research for each segment / niche you are targeting from Spa-goers, golfers, active sporters to, nature culinary and wine lovers,
  • How often will you tweet? Decide on a frequency of tweeting that works for you and is sustainable. Start off slow, or consider using one of the tools that allows you to schedule tweets.


The Basics

  • Complete your Bio. Include the Hotel’s Value proposition / USP’s and consider linking to the hotel’s website and “duplicating” its keywords.
  • Show Regular Activity. Be active on Twitter on a regular basis and increase your engagement level by acknowledging your Retweets / Mentions, apart from checking updates through your (saved) keyword searches, joining discussions and sharing interesting subjects related to your destination – Check out one of my earlier blog posts: “What does your Hotel Tweet about? – Some practical Examples.”
  • Get Your Twitter Profile Listed in Twitter Directories. There are many Twitter directories and submit the hotel’s profile to some. Check out my previous blog post: “How to use Twitter Lists to market Your Hotel.”
  • Look for People You already know. You can export your Outlook or Frequent Guest contacts to a (dummy) Gmail or Yahoo account.  Go back to “Find Friends” and import into Twitter.
  • Reward your Followers. Create an incentive for potential new followers to click on your “Follow” button. Or even a better strategy is to focus on not losing your current followers by rewarding them with exclusive Twitter discounts, special offers, hotel vouchers etc, without going into a push sales strategy.
  • Integrate your Social Networks. Did you link your Twitter with your Hotel Facebook Fanpage (mind, you can be selective with your tweets), LinkedIn and/or Hotel blog?
  • Put your Twitter Name in your Signatures. Are you still sending an email without your Twitter handle in it?
  • Improve your Image and use Images. Use a customised Twitter background.  You can try sites like mytweetspace or and when tweeting complement with pics of your restaurant’s “Special of the Day”, the NYE gala fireworks or the view from your best room.
  • Research Bios and use Hashtags #.  Hashtags are used to find content that is of interest and tweepl likely will follow those people. Research bio’s for keywords that match your hotel’s segments or key markets and follow those people. A free tool that searches bios is Or, say you want to promote your hotel’s restaurant in Lisbon and want to target people in the area.  Use Twitter’s advanced search to find people who Tweet from the Lisbon area. Alternatively, use tools like and register your hotel’s Twitter account and list for some relevant categories.
  • Follow other Hotel’s Followers. Cheeky you think? Think about it; chances are that the followers are following a hotel because they are interested in what they have got to say and they just might be interested in you.


What Tactics are You using to increase Your Following? Share your comments underneath!

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