Twitter Top 10 of Hotels in the Algarve – Is Twitter Underestimated or Misunderstood?

Just before closing the year I thought of bringing you a quick update on hotels in the Algarve using Twitter. However, this week’s list is a little different from the previous, as I now only considered those hotels with a Klout score – measuring the overall online influence of hotels. Due to this, the previous Top 35 was now reduced to a Top 10.

Compared to the previous list there is little change with respect to the growth of the followers base within this Top 10; it just increased by a total of 86 or 0,6%. Portobay and Tivoli both added 23 followers, whilst the Holiday Inn Algarve saw its following reduced by 4.

Due to this rather insignificant movement, and not wanting to pursue the number’s game of followers, I now also included 2 other measurements to further evaluate the hotels’ engagement and twitter activity, the:

  1. Tweetreach: This tool gives you detailed reach analysis for any search term on how tweets about that term have spread on Twitter. This will give you an understanding of the overall impact of your message or campaign.
  • A high reach indicates that a broad base of different users found your message interesting and spread it to their followers. It often means that multiple unrelated people found out about your campaign from sources outside of Twitter.
  • Conversely, a lower reach means that your message is likely only being shared among a smaller group of people who may be more interrelated; e.g. people in the same geographic area.

2. Twitalyzer: This tool uses a combination of the following factors. [The tool also provides comprehensive dashboards and metrics when logging in with your twitter account]:

  • The number of followers a user has
  • The number of unique references and citations of the user in Twitter
  • The frequency at which the user is uniquely retweeted 
  • The frequency at which the user is uniquely retweeting other people
  • The relative frequency at which the user posts updates


    Followers Klout Tweetreach Twitalyzer
1 Pestana Hotels & Resorts      3.981   54         9.216   1,0%
2 Portobay Hotels & Resorts      2.162   44       49.886   1,1%
3 Monte Santo Resort        814   35            814   0,2%
4 Tivoli Hotels & Resorts      1.814   31         3.487   0,5%
5 Martinhal Beach Resort & Hotel        105   30            105   0,1%
6 Sheraton Algarve        337   28            337   0,1%
7 Hotel Faro      2.221   26         3.512   0,6%
8 Holiday Inn Algarve      1.441   10         1.441   0,3%
9 Cabanas Park Resort        357   10  x x
10 Balaia Golf Village        274   10         4.100   x

When combining the results of the 3 tools, the following can be remarked:

  •  Klout score. It is clear, that besides the rather sluggish growth of the followers, that 4 hotels improved their Klout score, whilst Tivoli saw its score reduced – all pertained to the first 5 spots of the table.
  • Tweetreach. On average the hotels sent just 14 tweets, whilst Cabanas and the Sheraton Algarve have not sent a Tweet at all. Most tweets were sent by Portobay (50 – the default maximum of the tool), followed by Pestana (19) and Hotel Faro (17). In total the Top 10 contributed for 153k impressions and offset against the number of followers this is a “viral” factor of 11,3.

Pestana, Monte Santo and Martinhal have a relatively high exposure (read impressions) compared with a low reach. Those hotels should be careful, as this is an indicator that you may have a core of users to whom you are trying to spread your message by tweeting repeatedly, but that your campaign is failing to take off beyond those users’ followers. A high exposure among a small group of people may mean they feel “bombarded” by your message. You may want to alter your message or seek out other ways to get more Twitter users involved to avoid over-saturating a small group. Having said this, in the case of Pestana this contradicts their good Klout score!

  • Twitalyzer. Both Pestana and Portobay are reconfirmed as the Twitter leaders, followed by Tivoli and Hotel Faro. Whilst Tivoli has the least of followers (1.814) amongst these 4 hotels, the first 3 hotels are all classified as an “Every Day User” – who have a small circle of influence but great potential, whilst Hotel Faro is held as a “Reporter” – Reporters are connected people and great communicators. 


In conclusion: Both Pestana and Portobay stand out from the “crowd”. The hotel with the least of followers present in the Top 10, Martinhal, has merely 105 followers, while some hotels have been inactive over the recent period, leaving me with the following comment:

Is Twitter by the Hotels in the Algarve underestimated, misunderstood, or is the little show of engagement a conscious strategy choice e.g. by rather focussing on Facebook or due to a lack of resources – read, not having a dedicated department dealing with Social Media? Let me have your comments underneath!

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5 Responses to Twitter Top 10 of Hotels in the Algarve – Is Twitter Underestimated or Misunderstood?

  1. denny says:

    Nice article, very good commentary. Good analysis! Hope your new years went well 😀


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  4. Elena says:

    Great article! Thank you for the links – they proved to be very helpful…
    But Is there any data proving that the high scores in on-line influence are actually helping a hotel to get a better competitive position in the market?

    • marcsontag says:

      Hi Elena, thank you for your comments and question.

      Well, what can I say? The spectrum of Social Media is rather large and you should not spread yourself thinly.

      Speaking for our resorts, we have had quite some reservations through Facebook, while it lately has been our 2nd best referral site for our website.

      Since having committed, we have increased our email database of “directs” 5-fold through our recent website redesign, which integrated various social media facilities, and social media promotional campaigns and sweepstakes, creating further opportunity for both future email and mobile campaigns…..

      With respect to Twitter, we only started really very, very recently and “court is still out”.

      LinkedIn we have used for promoting events and unfortunately Foursquare has not taken on in Europe yet, while the same accounts for us for Flickr. Facebook place is not yet available in Portugal either ..

      On the subject of Tripadvisor I am clear – when worked well with careful management responses this can work strongly in your favour. We have not joined their business listings as of yet though, as we are uncertain on its return on investment at this stage. Currently I’d rather invest such monies in an google adword, facebook ad or even linkedin campaign for corporates – in this order of preference. Maybe somebody can prove me wrong here?

      Besides this, LinkedIn is very handy in the recruitment process of middle and senior staff, while I am currently exploring the benefits of Branchout on Facebook.

      Wikipedia and Slideshare can provide traffic for hotel websites too.

      Depending on your definition of “how to better your competitive positioning” I think you can gain a lot; certainly with respect to taking control of your online reputation and sourcing potential customers.

      Being selective on the channels your are comfortable with and can commit to depending on your resources, is key, although social media is not a low-cost marketing tool – it will require serious time dedication, which can be reduced with some level of automation with respect to your Tweets and possibly even going so far as integrating a Twitter concierge facility through your PMS or Social Media integration on your booking engine – there are solutions out there for this.

      I suppose the question is probably more if you can afford not to be present on social media.

      At the end it boils down to: “How does it fit within your Marketing Mix and what are your Objectives?”

      I have dedicated some posts on those. Feel free to let me know if I can assist further!

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