Are Hotel Chains using Facebook more effectively than independent Hotels?


Do hotel chains use Facebook more effectively than independent hotels? After having covered recently the Web Marketing Effectiveness and Twittergrade of the hotels pertaining to the Top 50 of Algarve Hotels on Facebook, within this context we are missing how effectively Hotels are using Facebook.

This week I had a chat with Richard Bowden, who has been advising us on our Internet, SEO and Social Media Strategy on this specific subject. We were clear that any ratio should be related to the hotel’s respective website traffic and their number of Fans and we thought immediately of linking number of Fans to an Alexa rank. In our opinion this would measure how effectively a hotel materialises on its webtraffic and reach.

We ran some tests and assumed that the bigger hotels/resorts would have a bit of a headstart in this relation, considering they have more visits to their websites, more brand awareness etc. However, we got somewhat stuck….although we have not given up yet!

The Facebookgrader of Hubspot (again 🙂 ) –which can be used to assess the reach and authority of both personal and fan pages – does also not provide further insight; the order of the facebookgrades is identical to the order of the Top 50 Algarve Hotels on Facebook…

So, if you have any thoughts on this, let the suggestions coming and comment underneath!

PS: a new Top 50 of Algarve Hotels on Facebook coming up later today with some new interesting insights! Check back soon!

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