The Top 50 Algarve Hotels on Facebook and Website Marketing effectiveness


Recently, I read an interesting article on Openforum where Guy Kawasaki, one of Apple’s former employees responsible for marketing the Macintosh and a world renowned blogger – was asked in his fifth “Ask the Wise Guy” column about whether to use a website or Facebook fan page.

This gave me an idea. How effective are those hotels appearing in the “Top 50 of Algarve Hotels on Facebook” in using their website as a marketing tool? To assess this, in the past I used the free tool Websitegrader of Hubspot (no, I am not on a commission – ;-)) . This interesting webtool provides a score through a mix of over 50 different variables, including search engine data, website structure, approximate traffic, site performance and others. For instance, in case you have a 90 score, this means that a particular website is more effective than 90% of the hundreds of thousands of other websites evaluated.

I collected the data of those hotels that were top ranked and came so to a Top 20 on Website Marketing Effectiveness“. Various hotels had an equal score, with a total average of 76.

The Top 5 is made up by 11 hotels – of which 6 are chain websites – and all have a score higher than 90, while 8 hotels score lower than the average. The only entry representing a collection of hotels that has a relatively low score is “Lagrimas Hotels” (sorry Miguel) with a score of 43.

It is certainly not my intent to evaluate the individual data per website nor can I validate the score provided by the webtool, although as said – it has been relevant for us in the past.

So what can we conclude from this? Is there a relation between the number of Facebook Fans and the Marketing effectiveness of a website? Clearly, the response is given in by the strategy chosen in the context of resources available. I would say that a Facebook page is relatively easy to setup but that the internet (read Google) is a little more complicated, whilst in general Social Media is about building the brand and a hotel website geared to revenue generation. Having said this, there seems to be a tendency of an integrated appoach, as various hotels consistantly score high on Facebook (fans), Twitter (Twittergrade) and on their Marketing affectiveness (websitegrader).

Still, seeing the above maybe rather rhetorical, but “Can a hotel Facebook page replace a hotel Website?”

Let me have your comments underneath.

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  2. Thanks for the list, it we help us work on that! 50 Algarve Hotels on Facebook and Website Marketing effectiveness

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